SeaFuture 2021: Naval Defense Exhibition & Conference | 28 sept – 1 oct 2021| La Spezia, Italy

28 septembre 2021 - 01 octobre 2021

The international event, unique in the Mediterranean Basin because implemented inside a Navy Base, deals with both military and dual-use technologies, products and services; it is organized in collaboration with the Navy, with the support of AIAD, and many other Ministries and Institutions.

Maritime technologies, defense, security, Underwater Defense Technologies, transports and logistics, refitting and sustainability: these are the keywords that characterize the 2021 edition of Seafuture, the international exhibition on innovations in the maritime-naval civil and military fields.

The ASD (Aerospace and Defense industries Association of Europe) Report 2019 states that thus the persisting economical and political uncertainty, aerospace and defense industry keep growing with a positive trend; + 8% of sales, with an income of 246 billions euro (data 2018 compared to 228,5 in 2017) and an increased labor force up to 870.000units. We should add that this sector still leads to global innovation and create high-level competences.

In a context where the added value of this sector steadily growth, Seafuture confirms itself the main event in Italy for this kind of industries, thanks to the participation of National and International actors, such as the Navy, International Navies and Police forces, major global players of the maritime and defense industry, SMEs, Universities and Research centers, innovative startups and technological clusters.

2021 edition will focus on the underwater marine technologies used in both military and civilian settings. In particular, the objective of the UDT will be focused onto present the industrial structures, university programs and the excellence in the underwater sector. Studies, new technologies and new generation materials related to Under Water applications on manned/unmanned and tethered aircrafts will be presented.

During these four days, the exhibition will be accompanied by meetings, conferences, technical seminars and business conversations. Particular attention will be paid to universities and academia: indeed, the Seafuture Awards will return and will again reward the most innovative master’s or specialization theses which have as their object products or processes on maritime technologies.

The innovation of this year « Call for Papers” will provide the opportunity for companies, researchers and managers to propose to an international and qualified audience their contribution regarding the themes of the event.

Date: 14-17 June, 2021
Location: la Spezia, Italy
Type: open, in-person

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